Adika Counseling provides EMDR, CBT, DBT, IFT and other client centered and solution-focused therapeutic interventions to decrease the frequency, intensity, duration and impact of stress and mental health disorders such as anxiety, depression, PTSD, borderline personality disorders and substance use disorders. 

​We collaborate with children and adults to understand the cognitive, behavioral and emotional impact of challenges of their experiences and relationships. Specifically we work with clients to improve interpersonal communication and relationships; ​develop assertiveness; adjust to life transitions (relocation, career changes, marriage pregnancy and childbirth); manage first/second generation American issues; learn burnout, and/or work/school related stress management and address difficult family-of-origin dynamics. 

Adika Counseling provides services with sensitivity to factors of race, age, gender, development, gender, language, communication skills, sexual orientation, and other cultural factors. 

​Contact us at (240) 428-0465 or with any and all questions.