Adika Counseling is a dynamic mental and behavioral health organization that provides individual, family, and group therapy through telehealth formats throughout Maryland. We are focused on the mental health needs of children, families, and adults in Montgomery County and Prince George's County. 


We provide solution-focused, strengths-based and goal-directed therapeutic interventions to promote individual, family and community health and wellness in individual and group therapy settings.

Our clinical specialties for diagnosis, assessment and clinical intervention include anxiety, depression, PTSD, OCD and substance use disorders. 

Clients come to us to: 

  • resolve relationship challenges

  • improve interpersonal communication

  • identify and correct irrational thinking patterns and cognitive errors

  • address cognitive symptoms such as rumination and intrusive thoughts

  • establish and maintain meaningful friendships

  • develop assertiveness

  • adjust to life transitions (relocation, career changes, marriage pregnancy and childbirth)

  • manage first/second generation American issues

  • learn burnout, and/or work/school related stress management

  • address difficult family-of-origin dynamics and

  • trauma among others.


Adika Counseling provides services with sensitivity to factors of race, age, gender, development, gender, language, communication skills, sexual orientation, and other cultural factors. Clinicians receive on-going supervision and training regarding the impact of these factors on a client’s treatment. 


Our clients benefit from a decrease in the frequency, intensity and duration of symptoms of clinical presentations of anxiety, depression, trauma, bipolar disorder and more. We work collaboratively with clients to identify culturally appropriate interventions within the context of your psychological, social, and developmental histories. 

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Contact us at (240) 428-0465 or with any and all questions.