Mechia Sydnor, LCPC

Two openings: Thursdays at 11am and 4pm

You'll be able to make sense of your experiences, better understand who you are, and figure out how to change the patterns that keep you feeling stuck in unfulfilling relationships, jobs and mental, emotional and behavioral patterns. First we'll understand the beginning and purpose of your cognitive, emotional and behavioral processes and patterns and work overtime with new ones that are more fitting for the present. We'll also identify treatment goals to ensure that our process is productive and yields measurable results. 

Through the process you'll benefit from an individualized approach to therapy, recognizing the person behind the symptoms and even the person behind the persona. My clients begin work with me because of issues like anxiety, depression, work-life balance, avoidance, life transitions, procrastination, relationship and attachment issues and trauma. Through a process of exploring, understanding, evaluating and identifying thinking and behavior patterns we eliminate and replace unproductive habits with more adaptive patterns toward an increased sense of well-being and ability to thrive and function in a variety of settings, situations and relationships. In the end my clients are able to  experience enthusiasm, take inspired and purposeful action, live with autonomy, find pleasure in people, places and things, have emotional flexibility,  and experience vulnerability and intimacy in relationships.


I received my Master’s degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Johns Hopkins University and have since provided mental health services to children and adults in private practice settings in Maryland. As a supervised experienced Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor (LCPC), I provide a safe and thoughtful environment for collaboration and resolution.


I take decolonizing mental health and my role as a social justice advocate seriously. You'll learn new coping skills and se marked decrease in symptoms through my use of theoretical approaches including cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), person-centered therapy, mindfulness, positive psychology techniques, and narrative therapy to conceptualize, diagnose, treatment plan and intervene.

It is important for all people to feel safe and that they have a place of belonging. Through my practice, I try to ensure that my clients feel heard, seen, felt  and supported. 

Call 240-428-0465 or email with any and all questions.