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Augusta Sannoh, LMSW

I specialize in working with adult clients to identify the impact culture, society, personal identity and family has on their mental health. Having a bicultural identity can involve feelings of pride, uniqueness and having a sense of community and history. It can also include identity confusion, dual or multiple expectations, and value clashes. When I work with clients, what emerges is an individual who is more grounded, assertive, confident, regulated emotionally, discerning and able to gain and experience greater satisfaction, contentment and joy. I prioritize helping client honor and balance their personal identity, family values, cultural norms  and cultural identity. 


I facilitate processing of experiences, thoughts and emotions and developing short and long-term interventions and strategies for irrational thinking patterns, generational, relational and individual trauma, grief and loss, identity issues, frequent worry and sadness, aging, caretaker stress, parent-child relationship difficulties, frequent conflict in relationships and adverse childhood experiences.

In using holistic, motivational interviewing and CBT/DBT my clients are able to accept themselves, feel safe, and manage their emotions to support regulating  potentially destructive, impulsive or harmful behaviors. CBT is widely used to treat a variety of mental health conditions including depression, anxiety and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). My holistic approach provides clinical support that takes physical, emotional, social and spiritual wellbeing into consideration. While using traditional therapy approaches, I take into account each client's culture (race, age, gender, sexual identity and orientation, religion etc.) and the different systems that affect the client psychologically--no broad strokes. 

I will support you in understanding your strengths and needs and collaborate with you to create and maintain meaningful and healthy relationships – with yourself and others. You'll benefit from my warm validation, compassionate questioning, sensitive suggestions, unique insights, and careful listening as we work toward understanding belief systems, emotional responses and reactions. 


I received my Master of Social Work in Advanced Clinical Placement from the University of Maryland Baltimore. I'm certified by the Maryland Board of Professional Therapists and Counselors to provide supervised assessment, diagnostic and therapy treatment services. 

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