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Barbara Adika, LGPC

Principal, Adika Counseling



I specialize in working on the psychological impact of family-of-origin issues broadly and parent/child relationships specifically as well as first- and second generation immigrants (third culture) issues. My clinical focus:


  1. understanding and addressing the cognitive, behavioral and emotional (psychological) impact of immigrant experiences on individuals

  2. understanding and addressing the psychological impact family systems have on the individual

  3. developing emotional resilience within the context of culturally appropriate coping strategies and response to manage health care professional cultural nuances (e.g. stress, burnout, trauma, grief, etc.)


Overall my clients  learn: to set and maintain personal and family boundaries, safely break patterns of triangulation, self-regulate and gain a sense of greater control over emotions related to cultural adaptation; identify and address not being "from" or belonging "to" anywhere; new behavioral responses to the grief/loss that comes with transitions; to navigate different expectations for autonomy between parents and adult children; resolve or heal emotional abuse, neglect and domestic violence. In working with people with family of origin and first- and second generation immigrant experiences, we work to heal--through radical acceptance, acceptance of limitations and more--the psychological wound of what did not happen and the needs that went unmet. 

My clinical practice is rooted in using a holistic, integrative, interconnectedness and interdisciplinary approach. I use theoretical frameworks such as cognitive behavioral theories, family systems, choice theory/reality therapy, existential theory and dialectical behavioral theory.


Together we explore, identify and implement more adaptive patterns by enhancing emotion regulation, increasing the ability to identify triggers, enhancing the ability to manage and tolerate distressing thought, behaviors, sensations and emotions, increasing the ability to engage in safe social connection and  increasing adaptive (fear/fight/flight/freeze )response.

My warm, engaging and energetic personality, authentic and insightful questioning, and reflective listening provide a conducive environment for introspective conversation, mutual listening and resolution. 

A graduate of The Chicago School of Professional Psychology's  Master of Arts in Clinical Mental Health Counseling. I'm credentialed by the Maryland Board of Professional Counselors and Therapists as a Licensed Graduate Professional Counselor (LGPC) to apply counseling principles and methods in the diagnosis, prevention, treatment, and management of psychological, emotional and mental disorders and patterns that cause distress and adversely affect functioning under the supervision of Angela Williams, LCPC. 

Adika Counseling provides in-person and teletherapy to decrease the frequency, duration and intensity of symptoms related to anxiety, depression, trauma, life transitions, relationship difficulties and more. We provide mental health therapy via teletherapy and in person in Rockville, MD.

Call me at (240) 428-0465 or email to with any all questions you have. I'll respond within 24-hours.