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Virtual Sessions for Washington, DC and Maryland residents.

Bridgette Aguilar-Dishman, Associate Counselor

Adults who live through the impact of growing up poor; feel pressure, unsure or inadequate in school or at work; have a multicultural identity; live with grief of parental abandonment and those impacted by crime (victims and perpetrators) come at me to learn long-term skills to reduce or eliminate worrying, mood changes, avoidance patterns, agitation, and more.


The process begins with exploring each client's unique challenges and discomforts through structured assessments and creating a client focused treatment goal where clients lead me in creating a map for what they want to get out of therapy–even if it’s just space to talk.  From here, we will work collaboratively to resolve developmental, relational, behavioral, cognitive, emotional, and situational difficulties. A goal of my therapeutic process is to help people understand why they are the way they are, increase compassion for themselves, make conscious and intentional decisions, and make better behavioral choices by understanding the way they think and feel. 


I am particularly drawn to strengths-based therapy, attachment-based therapies, solution-focused therapy, and cognitive behavioral therapeutic approaches. My training at The Chicago School of Professional Psychology (Forensic Psychology) has provided knowledge and experience in using strategies such as positive reinforcement, emotion regulation, thought restructuring and reframing, time-limited activities, and immediate behavior reinforcement.


Some of the ways I attend to my clients in session is through active listening, mindfully responding, reflecting without judgment, radical genuineness, honoring cultural and identity experiences and compassionate communications. 


I create a safe space–with minimal interruptions and free of judgment– where clients can tell their story, gain insight into how their life experiences have impacted them, and create a new reality that is more fulfilling.


I am providing mental health counseling under the clinical supervision of Barbara Adika, a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor (MD) and Licensed professional Counselor (Washington, DC).