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Carole Wills, LGSW, LMSW

Adults (18+) looking for support with treating a specific mental health issue; navigating identities and experiences; managing overwhelm or stress related to expectations, roles, values etc.; dealing with new or longstanding familial, career or romantic relationship stressors; dealing with changes; and those who just want to talk to someone outside of your family and friend group “just because” work with me to gain coping skills and to have an objective and attentive listening ear. Additionally, in the last ten years, I've  counseled individuals and families regarding mental health, substance abuse, physical abuse and rehabilitation issues and supported patients and families in coping with problems resulting from severe mental illness. 

I create a therapeutic environment for my clients to meet and reconnect parts of themselves they may have disavowed due to shame, criticism, illness, fear and painful experiences and experiment with styles of relating to themselves in ways that have felt beyond reach. I help clients move toward emotional and physical safety, radical acceptance; having a sense of empowerment, choice and control; skill building; mood regulation; boundary setting; interpersonal effectiveness; trauma resolution and/or management and more. Until you are safe within yourself, you'll react and internalize everything and that is exhausting.

My therapeutic process begins with the administering of a diagnostic assessment and treatment planning to provide us with measurable and tangible things to work on and building rapport to ensure we trust each other can can talk candidly.

I collaborate with my clients to create a therapeutic environment and relationship where we both feel safe–emotionally and physically–to explore difficulties and discomforts, have candid conversations, brainstorm potential solutions, and reflect on alternatives and negotiate the goals for therapy and decide on a pathway–that can be tweaked over and over– to reach them. I listen and communicate objectively and invite each client to voice different opinions, concerns, curiosity, questions, and ideas about the direction of our work together. I’ll check in with you “how did that feel? What is working or not working?” I’ll sometimes offer a thoughtful challenge if I notice inconsistencies. For example “you mentioned that your relationship is fraught with toxicity. Tell me more about why you chose to hang out with her last night?” This will allow us to explore internal conflict or push you out of continuing on with things are are unpleasant  yet comfortable.

My clients experience our therapeutic process and relationships as a partnership that is open, honest, respectful, energized, and purposeful.

I work with adults and emerging adults to address painful past and ongoing emotional relationships in order to build connections with other people to enjoy relationships a now and in the future; manage negative and irrational thought patterns to maintain a realistic  hopeful outlook and accept that change and setbacks are part of life; develop emotional awareness to understand what they’re feeling and why; manage anxiety by learning healthy ways to be and feel in control and; reduce validation seeking, perfectionism and self-doubt by working through attachment.

I earned a Master of Social Work from Howard University  and am licensed by the Maryland Board of Social work.

The practice will directly file claims with your insurance company. We currently accept Cigna as well as CareFirst/BlueCross and BlueShield/Anthem (not including Medicaid Community plans). If you have any copayments or deductibles, I can look it up with your birth date, member ID and group number or, you can call your insurance to make that inquiry directly. We process any payments for copays and deductibles within 1-10 business days.