Casey C. Frederick, LGPC, LGPAT

My clients come to me after years of living witht he frustrating experience of  cognitively knowing they are not under threat when having a panic attack, or logically understand that whatever danger they endured in the past has ended. Still, they still feel overwhelmingly terrified, disconnected from experience, stuck/frozen or confused. That's where I come in. I am a practitioner of talk therapy who also, if my clients are interested, incorporates somatic interventions and art therapy specifically to attend to my experiences, emotions, and perceptions and to foster an embodied creative process that activates the brainstem in ways that may not be accessible from purely talking. Of course, there are times when traditional talk therapy and cognitive processing is certainly warranted  and I can provide support and treatment in that way.

Overall, my clients develop an increased capacity to regulate and ability to access to the entire continuum of  their experiences without sensory overload; increased control over fight-flight-freeze responses and; gain an increased sense of safety and ability to return to a state of safety and social connection. This means they are better equipped to manage depression anxiety, grief, life transition and manage relationships with family, friends, peers and colleagues. 

I received a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and Integrative Arts from  Pennsylvania State University and earned my Master of Arts in from george Washington University. I am a supervisee who is licensed by the Maryland Board of Mental Health COunselors as a Licensed Graduate Professional Counselor and Licensed Graduate Professional Art Therapist.


Adika Counseling provides in-person and teletherapy to decrease the frequency, duration and intensity of symptoms related to anxiety, depression, trauma, life transitions, relationship difficulties and more. We provide mental health therapy via teletherapy and in person in Rockville, MD.

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