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anxiety depression rockville, md

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Dominique Wright, Counseling Associate

Individuals dealing with mood changes, avoidance and procrastination, debilitating worry and stress related to school/work, societal/family expectations, transitions/changes and the impact of difficult or lack of relationship with a parent come to me to gain coping skills. Specifically we work on regulating mood through self-soothing and mindfulness; increase distress tolerance to be able to manage difficult or unpleasant situation; address irrational thought patterns that affect mood and behavior and modify impulsive or undesired behaviors.Specifically, I support clients with anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder PTSD and OCD tendencies that affect relationships, self esteem and and daily functioning.  I provide psychoeducation about the brain, human behavior, mental disorders and neuro-plasticity.


I utilize solution focused therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, mindfulness–a combination of psychodynamic and psychoanalytic approaches– to support clients and facilitate a move toward more constructive, problem-solving approaches. We’ll explore the who, what, when, why and how of your current patterns and find practical ways to make changes or use your strengths to your benefit. Together we’ll identify  better life-management tools, build a lifestyle that is more fulfilling and keeps in mind the ways in which mental health affects functioning and productivity, and learn how to set and reach realistic long-term life goals which prioritize accountability and acceptance of limitations.

My training in Clinical Mental Health Counseling at The Chicago School of Professional Psychology combined with my work in different mental health settings and capacities has provided experience in providing crisis support and coordinating clinical assessments for individuals living with anxiety, depression, mood disorders  and trauma. As a supervised mental health provider, I collaborate with clients to identify triggers, the resulting cognitive, behavioral and emotional impact, responses and reactions of those triggers and strategies to either alleviate, eliminate or build resilience and tolerance for triggers and symptoms for anxiety, depression, PTSD, bipolar disorder and more.  

I am providing mental health counseling under the clinical supervision of Barbara Adika, a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor (MD) and Licensed professional Counselor (Washington, DC).

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