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Elizabeth Acheampong, LMSW

My clinical specialties are emerging adulthood and immigrant experiences. Specifically as it relates to people whoa re immigrants or come from immigrant families, I help individuals navigate the pressures of immigrant identities; the shame, guilt or self-doubt of balancing personal identity and the collectivist culture; navigating setting boundaries around finances and other obligations to family; and living between two cultures. I will help you explore your personal identity within the context of your families culture and identity--how to honor a culture you a proud of while also embracing the "other" culture you are part of.


My work with emerging adults centers on managing family and gender expectations, exploring possibilities for the future, developing skills to manage overwhelm, overachieving and self doubt related to education/career, and pursuing friendships and/or intimate relationships. Emerging adulthood and its experiences and responsibilities can be overwhelming or confusing and the rapid changes in biological, psychological, and social development, may help contribute to the development of major depression, depression, trauma and more.

I use compassionate and engaging clinically focused conversations and active listening to help my clients--children, teens and adults--gain insight about the cause, purpose and exacerbating factor for cognitive, emotional and behavioral patterns and symptoms. I use CBT, assertiveness training, mindfulness, DBT and behavioral approaches to address clients’ patterns of thinking and behavior rather than their external situation, allowing the clients to dictate the specific issues to be addressed; positively reinforcing experiences and reduce avoidant patterns; help clients express their needs and wants clearly. I teach clients how to be fully present and feel safe in each moment; develop healthy ways to manage and respond to stress, regulate their emotions in times of overwhelm or discomfort, and improve their relationships with themselves and others.

My process is collaborative and empowering. As a client, you'll come out of each session viewing the process and treatment goal(s) as something you have decided to address with my help, as opposed to feeling like you have given in to working on what I want you to address. I help clients establish clear behavioral problem statements with achievable and rewarding goals.

I create an environment and relationship where overtime, clients feels comfortable  to reveal their immediate needs and personal reasons for seeking treatment. I am known for my warm, direct, gentle, and intuitive approach that harnesses the natural healing capacity of the mind and body. I have experience working in a variety of settings to help children and adults.

I am certified by the Maryland Board of Social Workers and received my Master of Science in Social Work from Columbia University. 

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