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Virtual Sessions for Washington, DC and Maryland residents.

George Rambert, Counseling Associate

I am passionate and motivated to extend counseling services to black men and teenage boys of color primarily in underprivileged communities. Although I am passionate about assisting a specific population does not make me incapable of working with other cultures and ethnicities. Furthermore, I pride myself in being flexible and culturally competent to provide ethical treatment to diverse groups of individuals. My professional background includes providing and supporting mental health care to patients, facilitating psychotherapy  groups, providing counseling and support, and ensuring safety and structure in the therapeutic milieu at Adventist Healthcare, Children’s National Health System, and Walter Reed National Military Medical Center. In my clinical training at The Chicago School of Professional Psychology and work in these clinical settings, I have conducted psychosocial assessments to aid in diagnosis and treatment of mental health disorders  and supported teens and adults through psychiatric conditions including bipolar disorder, depression, anxiety, obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), social anxiety disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and panic disorder.

My work with teens and adults from diverse minority groups begins with a comprehensive biopsychosocial assessment and a treatment plan. I work with my teenage and adult clients to support them in gaining greater insight into their life problems, impact of race based trauma and stress, values, aspirations, unmet needs, impact of their experiences and more. Upon developing insight and awareness, we collaboratively identify strategies to aid in effective, culturally appropriate and long term change. Some areas of specialty include societal pressure and expectations, parental abuse, neglect or abandonment, grief and loss, racism and related trauma, career and future oriented aspirations, improvement of social, romantic and family relationships, and the improvement of coping skills and self-esteem

I use a solution focused, multicultural, collaborative, strength-based approach that is guided by my clients’ personal needs. In doing so, my clients gain a better understanding of how thoughts, experiences and relationships impact emotions and behaviors and learn behavioral techniques and cognitive strategies and magnify existing strengths toward alleviating or eliminating psychological distress and disorders.  

I am providing mental health counseling under the clinical supervision of Barbara Adika, a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor (MD) and Licensed professional Counselor (Washington, DC).

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