The goal of this eight week group is to provide teenage girls (13-17) with an increased knowledge and skills to manage sadness, worry, panic, anxiety and depression; provide greater knowledge of self and identity; provide distress tolerance skills; increase capacity to act and be assertive; improve self-worth and increase social-relational skills. Group members will learn to express their feelings appropriately and to contain them in healthy ways by using self-soothing techniques; have a safe environment to understand feelings and how to work through emotions; learn critical thinking in which they first consider their thoughts and feelings and then make decisions; and learn autonomy and make changes or positive choices in their behaviors (risk taking and  relational).

This group is a process and skill building group for teens suffering from isolation, perfectionism, life transitions, mood swings, low self esteem, family issues and peer relationship difficulties, social issues, depression, or anxiety. 

Please select either Dayshia Richmond or Barbara and choose the Teen Group Therapy option.

A group setting  allows teens to work through their challenges without shame or feeling like "something is wrong with me," get support from their peers and learn skills in a safe environment free from judgment.

We will learn skills from Therapeutic frameworks such as


  • Dialectical Behavioral Therapy helps people who have difficulty regulating their emotions, handling relationships, and tolerating distress. Teens will learn skills to help increase distress tolerance, emotion regulation, and interpersonal effectiveness in a framework of mindfulness.

  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy allows clients to challenge negative thinking patterns, identify and implement problem-solving techniques, and establish positive coping skills to decrease distress, improve relationships and increase functioning.

  • Acceptance Commitment Therapy encourages expression and solution finding or acceptance as opposed to suppressing, avoiding or denying difficult experiences feelings and situation. This type of therapy teaches teens to address their problems and focusing to focus their energies on the things that they value, believe in, want and find important.

Day and Time: Tuesday (5:15pm-6:6:30pm) 

Format: In-person and Virtual

Fee: $40. You may pay for group sessions using  your choice of credit card, health savings account (HSA). All payments must be made through your Theranest account.

How to Register and  Schedule. Please read the following in its entirety.

Click here and register and schedule.  Please select either Dayshia Richmond or Barbara and choose the Teen Group Therapy option. Please specify in the notes if you want the in-person or virtual participation option. 

Contact: Please email and specify your interest in the Teen Group.