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We help mental health practices in Washington, DC, Maryland and Virginia realize exponential revenue growth. We walk solo and group practices through the insurance credentialing process.

We believe when people—therapists and clients—have the support they need, we all thrive.

We provide clinics, hospitals and private practices in Maryland, Virginia and Washington, DC  with strategic practice management, credentialing services, enrolling in EFT payments and clearing houses, website design and marketing, or practice needs. 

What is the credentialing process?

Insurance credentialing is the process of providing necessary provider and practice information to insurance panels in order to get  issues a contract in order that with you or your practice/group practice can receive a negotiated reimbursement rate for insured  individuals. 

What are the steps in the credentialing process?

One common step in this process is the Council for Affordable Quality Healthcare, Inc (CAQH) data repository which providers use to provide malpractice insurance information, practice location, education and training information and more. Insurance companies use this to make a decision and to ensure compliance with licensure, access W9, provider availability and more. This is the foremost step in the process and attention to detail is necessary.

Next is making a request to join the insurance company’s network. This step could be the completion of an online form, sending an email or a phone call. For more information on the CAQH registration process, visit and follow the instructions at CAQH Registration Process

After submitting a packet and depending on the demand to join insurance networks , the process from credentialing to contracting can take two weeks to six months. 

Provider contracts must be read carefully before signature and submitting. A provider contract is one in which the provider agrees to the terms and conditions of the health plan/insurer in order to be accepted as an in-network provider by the insurer. There is a waiting period for the contract to be countersigned and finalized.


This the credentialing process in a nutshell but there are obviously many nuances and more details associated with it.

How can we help you with the credentialing process?

Reach out to us at for credentialing support and training at $180 per hour. We can complete the credentialing process (not contract signing) for you for $200 per insurance panel. We will also meet with you to think strategically about how credentialing and contracting affects and informs your hiring and onboarding strategy.





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