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Practicum, Internship & Training

 We provide supervised clinical practicum and internship which trains and prepares future graduate-level mental health counselors. Students complete upwards of  700 supervised field experience hours, fulfilling all direct and indirect educational requirements to become Licensed Graduate Professional Counselor (LGPC) / Licensed Clinical Professional Counselors (LCPC). 

Students will provide direct and indirect services in individual and group settings. Individual and group supervision will be provided to each student on a weekly basis.

We prioritize educational excellence, multicultural competence, social justice, compliance with CACREP, HIPAA and licensing board regulations, ethical practice and the communities we serve.

We recruit, represent and train students from racial, ethnic, gender, religious and other cultural groups that historically have been underrepresented/marginalized in clinical mental health, psychology and counseling training programs.

For questions or inquiries regarding the program please request information below, email, or call 240-428-0465. Students interested in applying to this program are encouraged to begin the application early to ensure all materials are received on time. 

Adult Graduation

We provide Practicum and Internship for the following Masters and Doctoral programs

  •  Clinical Professional Counseling and Clinical Mental Health Counseling

  • Clinical Forensic Psychology (Counseling licensure track)

  • Clinical Social Work

  • Counselor Training and Education

Training Standards

Cited from 2016 CACREP Standards

  •  After successful completion of the practicum, students complete 600 clock hours of supervised counseling internship in roles and settings with clients relevant to their specialty area.

  • Internship students have weekly interaction with supervisors that averages one hour per week of individual and/or triadic supervision throughout the internship, provided by (1) the site supervisor.

  • Internship students participate in an average of 1½ hours per week of group supervision on a regular schedule throughout the internship. 

  • Site supervisors have (1) a minimum of a master’s degree, preferably in counseling, or a related profession; (2) relevant certifications and/or licenses; (3) a minimum of two years of pertinent professional experience in the specialty area in which the student is enrolled; (4) knowledge of the program’s expectations, requirements, and evaluation procedures for students; and (5) relevant training in counseling supervision.

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