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Providing virtual therapy to Maryland residents only. Accepts United Healthcare CareFirst/Anthem/BlueCross BlueShield and Cigna Insurance only.

Jaime Engrum, LMSW

I work with adults (18 years and older) who are experiencing or have experienced postpartum or perinatal depression and/or anxiety as well as adjusting to parenthood and childbirth; need support with life transitions related to work, relationships and more; struggle with anxiety and feeling incompetent, self sabotage, procrastination due to fear, perfectionism, and debilitating worry; and stress or any psychological disturbances (e.g., depression, anxiety) that are preventing healthy relationships, work satisfaction, peace and contentment, self control and mood stability. 

Together we'll identify core beliefs about self, others and the world, Dysfunctional assumptions ( rigid, conditional ‘rules for living’ ) and Negative automatic thoughts that are involuntarily activated in certain situations. My approach is directive, structured, holistic and supports clients in developing more balanced and constructive ways to respond to stressors. I teach actionable, lifestyle appropriate, culturally affirming and measurable skills that help clients become aware of and adjust negative patterns, which can help reframe thinking patterns during moments of heightened anxiety, sadness, fear, worry, inadequacy or overwhelm or panic.

I encourage and allow clients to explore their personal identities, and work to identify and overcome any barriers that may arise in the counseling relationship. I truly stand by cultural humility and that as a  clinician I learn best about individual clients culture through asking questions and understanding their cultural expectations and values.


I utilize Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) as a treatment option to support individuals--from diverse cultural, ethnic, racial, socioeconomic and faith backgrounds-- develop practical and measurable skills to change their thinking and behaviors that play a role in trauma, low self-esteem, difficulty with trust and safety, relationship dissatisfaction, frequent worry, imposter syndrome, depression, anxiety, and impulsivity. I also provide psycho-education to help clients understand the symptoms and triggers of a specific diagnosis and understand and cope with the thoughts, behaviors and feelings.


You'll benefit from a warm, genuine therapeutic environment to help you feel safe in exploring the connections between current challenges and past experiences. You'll experience a respectful, validating and non judgemental yet honest/direct treatment approach which honors the mind / body / spirit approach to healing the entire self. 


I am certified by the Maryland Board of Social Workers and received my Master’s in Social Work from Salisbury University's School of Social Work. I completed my undergraduate degree at the University of Maryland Baltimore County and provide mental health counseling under clinical supervision.


Call 240-428-0465 or email with any and all questions. Please specify your desire to work with me and include your insurance information.

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