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JanQueshia Gay, LMSW

My therapeutic work with teenagers and adults in the foundations of DBT, which is a mixture of cognitive-behavioral therapy and mindfulness skills. I also believe that individuals cannot be fully understood in isolation and take time to understand an individual from his or her own unique biological, social/emotional, familial, cultural, and environmental experiences and the systems that impact each client. This includes looking at family, school/work and community.

Here's more about my use of DBT:

  1. Mindfulness: Clients learn to be aware and remain in the present moment. With time, they are able to accept uncomfortable circumstances and gain control over  thoughts and behavior.

  2. Distress Tolerance: With my support clients strategies that allow them to tolerate and manage discomfort, pain and distress. This helps them work through life  without exacerbating situations.

  3. Emotional Regulation: Clients to come to see their emotions as purposeful and learn interventions needed to feel regulated, in control of balancing emotions and less inclined to be thrown off by  life's many transitions.

  4. Interpersonal Effectiveness: Our work together helps clients learn to develop healthy, growth-oriented, supportive relationships. Clients learn to get what they need while saying “no” to people who will not help them grow or thrive. This includes saying to to oneself.


I approach therapy as a collaborative dynamic aimed at accomplishing cognitive, emotional and behavioral goals through building trust, respecting and honoring individual needs, and supporting appropriate growth and development. I will communicate directly with young clients in order to better understand their expectations, identify treatment goals, and evaluate treatment progress/outcome.

We'll  build rapport in a warm environment while engaging in dialogue to understand each client's needs, perspectives and goals. In doing so, clients improve their psychological well being, relationship, academic goals, self confidence and more. More importantly, I help clients recognize their strengths while providing them with additional tools necessary to make lasting change. This means, they are then able to establish personal autonomy, regain a sense of emotional safety, develop adaptive responses to stress and distress and activate appropriate behavioral and emotional responses. 


Clients experience my therapeutic style as a holistic approach that focuses on understanding your personhood in all environments (friends, family, work/school, etc.). Transformation begins at the core of who we are and the vision of who'd we like to become. This philosophy, along with my passion for inclusivity and developing cultural competency, is the foundation for my approach to insight building and change.

Licensed by the Maryland Board of Social Workers, I have experience in providing individual counseling that centers around trauma, behavioral issues, self-esteem, family dynamics, bullying, grief, depression, and anxiety. I received my clinical education (Master of  Social Work) from University of Maryland (Baltimore) and work in a number of clinical settings as a supervisee.

Call 240-428-0465 or email staff@adikacounseling.com with any and all questions. Please specify your desire to work with me and include your insurance information.