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Barbara Adika, LGPC

Founder & Psychotherapist

Barbara works with individuals to address the psychological impact of  first/second generation immigrant experiences and family-of-origin and unresolved early life difficulties on clinical presentations of anxiety, depression, OCD and PTSD. Her clients are adults who struggle with anxious thinking, low self-esteem, codependency and strained interpersonal relationships that affect work, social and daily functioning. Read more.


Kierra Butler, LGPC


Kierra's work with adolescents and adults includes using Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), mindfulness-based techniques, and play therapy to help children and families confront a wide range of issues including coping with postpartum concerns, managing stress related to life transitions, relationships and children's emotional, behavioral, and adjustment challenges. Read more.


Tracy Tsao, LCPC


Clients come to me looking to resolve the psychological impact of  criticism and/or being yelled, divorce, racial and generational trauma, adjusting during and after a natural disaster (yes, a pandemic counts), life transition, developing autonomy while honoring family and culture and family of origin issues and more. I help them build self-confidence, develop autonomy, regulate emotion, develop emotional resilience, repair irrational thinking and free themselves from that pervasive feeling of  being stuck. Read more.


Carrie Cornwell, LGPC


Carrie assists with emotion regulation, distress tolerance, trigger identification, implementation of coping skills and interpersonal effectiveness as they work through planned and unplanned life changes; addiction; grief and loss; sadness, worry  around pregnancy, childbirth and postpartum; and day-today stress. She works with clinical presentations of depression, bipolar, PTSD, substance use disorders and anxiety.  Read more.


Mechia Sydnor, LGPC


Mechia works with teenagers and adults who live with anxiety and depression related to life transition, relationships and racial identity. Her speciality is in helping individuals  understand how events, memories, or relationships affect self-esteem, relationships, thinking patterns, and anxiety and/or depression.


I am currently not accepting new clients.


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Jenn Ross, LMSW


Jenn strives to incorporate multicultural awareness into her work with mothers and maternal issues, LGBTQ+ identified persons and trauma survivors. Jenn's therapeutic approach focuses on the relationship among thoughts, feelings, and behaviors; targets current problems and symptoms; and focuses on changing patterns that lead to difficulties in functioning.


Unfortunately, I currently not taking new clients. 


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