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Victoria Brathwaite, LMSW

When cognitive, social, emotional and behavioral development is expeditious, reframing and challenging counterproductive thinking and the beliefs that underlie them is integral to navigating the emotional and personal challenges experienced during childhood and adulthood. I use cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) to help clients dealing with depression, anxiety, trauma, life transitions, school/work stress, abandonment/neglect and grief to reframe how they interpret, identify, and evaluate their behavioral emotional reactions to negative experiences. My use of CBT aims to identify and replace negative thoughts, identify and implement positive behavioral skills to create and maintain positive moods and healthy relationships and support mood regulation.

Some CBT techniques I use:

  • Homework: offers an opportunity to apply CBT principles such as self-monitoring, structuring time effectively, and implementing procedures for dealing with actual situations.

  • Hypothesis testing: with both cognitive and behavioural aspects, this technique must make the hypothesis both specific and concrete.

  • Exposure therapy: when thoughts, images, bodily symptoms, and levels of tension are experienced exposure to triggers provides information that the client can use to examine specific thoughts and images for distortions.

  • Behavioural rehearsal and roleplaying: used to practice skills or techniques that are later applied in real life. 

  • Diversion techniques: Activities such as social contact, work, play, visual imagery, and physical activity are used to reduce strong emotions and decrease negative thinking.

  • Activity scheduling: provides structure and encourages involvement so that clients are able to see that they were not depressed at the same, unvarying level all day. 


Clients benefit from my supportive validation, compassionate questions and practical feedback which helps them effectively gain insight into challenges and identify strategies to decrease the psychological impact of anxiety, depression, mood disorders, life transitions, relationship difficulties and early life experiences.  More specifically my clients see successful treatment outcomes including: improvements in self-control, coping skills, emotion regulation, and emotional awareness.


My approach to therapy focuses on the development of a collaborative and egalitarian relationship that leads to positive change.I communicate directly with clients in order to better understand their expectations, identify treatment goals, and evaluate treatment progress/outcome. My clients are given an emotionally and physically safe space (in person or online) to share and explore their thoughts, feelings and experiences while I actively listens and seek to understand the client's perspective. This  cooperative relationship, allows clients to create a new or deeper understanding of their experiences, allowing for positive transformation. 


Clients experience my therapeutic style as a holistic approach that focuses on understanding your personhood in all environments (friends, family, work/school, etc.). 

Licensed by the Maryland Board of Social Workers, I have experience in providing individual counseling that centers around trauma, behavioral issues, self-esteem, family dynamics, bullying, grief, depression, and anxiety. I received my Master of  Social Work from University of Maryland and work in a number of clinical settings as a supervised clinician.

Call 240-428-0465 or email staff@adikacounseling.com with any and all questions. Please specify your desire to work with me and include your insurance information.