Victoria Igbene LMSW

I work primarily with individuals who are dealing with grief, life transitions, adjusting to changes in relationships status (including newly married life), trauma (dissociation, flashbacks, intrusive thoughts), first/second/third generation American experiences, emerging adulthood, and related changes and stressors procrastination, family-of-origin issues. I take a destigmatizing approach to therapy and work with individuals who want to give voice to their internal world--therapy isn't just for processing out difficulties.

I use  Trauma Focused Therapy, Cognitive Behavior Therapy, and Dialectical Behavioral Therapy to support adults experiencing difficulty with life transitions, grief and loss, relationship changes and challenges, first/second/third generation American experiences, trauma (complex), mental health (chronic), dysregulated mood, and substance use.  You'll be seen, heard, felt, understood and autonomous as this relationship will be in large part guided by your wants, needs, experiences and expectations.

Our thoughts, the things we say to ourselves throughout the day, the way others treat and speak to us, memories of childhood experiences and planned and unplanned changes have a huge impact on our feelings, our behavior and our relationships (with ourselves and others). I work with children adults who experience anxiety, depression, OCD, PTSD, bipolar disorder and more that affects concentration, self-esteem, relationships, work/school, sleep, eating and overall wellbeing.


Your therapy with me, will be a process that  uses culturally competent and evidence-based psychotherapies and strategies to facilitate behavior change, conflict resolution, assertiveness, boundary setting, trigger identification, appropriate self-soothing, effective cognitive processing and emotion regulation. You'll gain skills like informed decision making, making positive behavioral change and enhancing relationships.  

I utilize my educational background  along with motivational therapy, support of self-determination, and a strengths-based  approach, to positively influence and encourage each client in serving their treatment plan and goals. 


We'll explore the origins and purpose of behaviors, moods and thought patterns; how they are sustained; what benefits and consequence there are for maintaining or changing these cognitive, emotional and behavioral patterns, and how they impact psychological and overall well-being. 


I provide clinical assessment of mental health conditions and disorders;  individual psychotherapy; conducting intake, concurrent and discharge sessions and creating safe social and cultural environments.

I received a Masters in Social Work from the University of Maryland (Baltimore)  and am licensed by the Maryland Board of Social Work to provide supervised mental health counseling services. 

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